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Robotic Rectal Cancer Surgery

A Paradigm Shift in Rectal Cancer Surgery

Robotic Surgery

If you have been told you need surgery to treat rectal cancer, you may be a candidate for minimally invasive Robotic Surgery. Using the most advanced technology available, the Robotic System enables your doctor to perform this delicate operation through a few tiny incisions with breakthrough vision, precision, dexterity and control.

Robotic Surgery for rectal cancer offers patients many potential benefits, including:

Excellent clinical outcomes for cancer control
Quick return to bowel function
Fast return to diet
Less blood loss
Short hospital stay
Fast recovery time

The da Vinci System is a state-of-the-art surgical platform with 3D, high-definition vision and patented surgical instruments that takes surgery beyond the limits of the human hand. By overcoming the challenges of traditional open and laparoscopic surgery, da Vinci is changing the experience of surgery for people around the world.


Robotic Surgery for Rectal Cancer

Rectal cancer surgery requires precise pelvic dissection, which can be technically challenging with the straight instruments and limited retraction provided by laparoscopic surgery. In comparison, robotic assistance offers a stable camera platform with three-dimensional operative field and articulating instruments that potentially aid better visualisation and more accurate dissection, with improved rectal retraction and less crowding of instruments in a narrow pelvis

The potential advantages of robotic surgery for rectal cancer are:

  1. Lower conversion rates to open surgery

  2. Better oncological outcomes

  3. Better Nerve preservation resulting in maintained sexual function and anal/urinary continence


Cost of Robotic Rectal Cancer Surgery

The introduction of cutting edge technology such as robotic surgery will increase the cost of any procedure. But at the Rectal Cancer Centre, our surgeons are experts in this field and have accumulated a vast experience in robotic rectal cancer surgery. Currently our robotic and laparoscopic costs for rectal cancer surgery are the same. This has been achieved with high patient volumes, expertise, innovation, efficiency and teamwork.

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